What Traffic Should I Buy For My Website? A Quick Guide To Traffic Packages

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What Traffic Should I Buy For My Website? A Quick Guide To Traffic Packages

It sometimes isn’t easy to choose the right path. We live in times with many options available for pretty much everything. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and even lost among the number of available choices for anything you buy. Buying website traffic can be a similar experience. Premium Traffic, Organic Traffic from Google, Cheap Traffic, Active Visitors, Social Media Traffic, Traffic for Bloggers… ok, but…

…what traffic should I buy for my website?

Selecting the right package is crucial to the success of your campaign. Depending on the goals you’d like to achieve, some website traffic packages will be significantly better than others. Below is a list of the available traffic plans with a short description of each one. It should help you make the right decision and ultimately – make buying website traffic easier.

Premium GEO and Niche Targeted Traffic

This is Traffic-Fans.com’s most popular traffic package. It offers great versatility, low bounce rates and is generally a great tool to improve your website’s statistics. You can target one of 100+ countries and 100+ niches or target by a keyword or keyphrase.

All visitors are real and accurately counted by Google Analytics. This traffic type is also considered safe for Adsense (make sure to read this article BEFORE sending any traffic to Adsense-enabled websites!). It’s a great choice to complement your SEO activity and help you climb the search engines’ or Alexa ranks (select the “Alexa” niche for best Alexa results and to receive visitors with the Alexa bar installed). The visitors will show as “direct”.

Organic Traffic From Google

Would you like to increase the organic traffic your website receives, without having to pay Google’s prices? If you answered “yes” – this is a package for you. Low bounce rate, 100% Google Analytics detectability, the average time on site of at least 20-60 seconds (depending on your content, targeting etc), a choice of localised Google sites (for example google.de, google.co.uk etc.) and an option to add a custom keyword, make it a very useful package to help you with SEO and stats boosting. Your GA will detect the visitors as “organic”.

Cheap Website Traffic

The cheapest, high-quality website traffic available. Period. With prices starting from as little as $7 for 5000 visitors and a broad range of countries + niches to target, there is a good chance that this traffic type is something you will enjoy. Visitors are unique, real and multiple users reported conversions* from their Cheap Traffic campaigns. If conversions are what you’re after, make sure to mention it in the order notes section, to make sure that you receive traffic from the sources with the highest chance of converting.

The visitors will be detected as either “direct” or referred from various domains. Please note that a part of your Cheap Traffic order may not be detected by Google Analytics properly. For that reason, it is advised to use Cheap Traffic together with one of the fully GA-compatible traffic types (Premium, Organic, Social Media, Bloggers). 

Website Traffic for Bloggers

The quickest way to boost a blog’s statistics. It’s an in-house mix of multiple traffic sources, put together to provide all of the traffic any blogger or influencer would need, in a single package. Each visitor is real, unique and properly detected by Google Analytics and the average time on-site is at least 20-60 seconds (depending on your content, targeting etc).

This package consists of Organic Traffic from Google, Social Media Traffic, blogger.com traffic and an option to add traffic from other social media platforms of your choice, like Quora, LinkedIn and many more (please mention it in the order notes section). Website Traffic for Bloggers is the most convenient way to boost your blog’s or website’s statistics with a natural mix of high-quality traffic and referrers – all in one handy package. 

Active Visitors

Selected from traffic sources showing the highest engagement levels, this package will help you improve the time and overall activity on site. You can target as many countries as you want in a single order, including the US states, specific browsers, OS etc. Please mention any special requirements in the order notes section.

Each visitor is real and unique but some may not be tracked by Google Analytics correctly. The visitors will display various referrers. 

Adult Visitors

If your website contains adult content, this is the package to get. All visitors are unique, real and your Google Analytics will detect them correctly. Many targeting options are available, including 100+ countries and multiple niches + keywords.

It’s a great choice to complement your SEO activity and help you climb the search engines’ or Alexa ranks. Your analytics will detect the visitors as “direct”.

Mobile Website Traffic

When all that you need is mobile traffic, then this is the package for you. Receive 100% mobile, unique, real visitors targeted by one of 100+ countries and niches + keywords. You can also choose if you prefer iOS or Android visitors – it can be specified in the order notes section.

Please note that some of your Mobile Traffic may not be detected by Google Analytics properly due to the way they are delivered. Mobile Website Traffic is detected as direct or referred (depending on the traffic sources used).

Social Media Traffic

Traffic from social media platforms is a welcome addition to any website. And thanks to the Social Media Traffic package – it can be really cost-effective too. You can easily boost your blog and/or website’s number of social visitors with high-quality traffic from the most popular social media platforms. You can select Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, Pinterest and nearly every other platform you’d like.

Each visitor is unique and real and can help you seriously improve your blog’s earning potential. Social Media Visitors will show as referred by the social media platform of your choice.


The TFPro puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you full control over your traffic campaigns. With TFPro you can buy highly targeted website traffic and get the results you want for as little as $0.0001 per visitor (and top-ups starting from just $20). Create Display, Native, Audience, Pops and Push campaigns and control them in real-time yourself.

TFPro gives you access to multiple advertising agencies in one place. It’s great for conversions, increasing engagement, app installs, ad arbitrage and more. It gives you access to various filters and a range of settings to make sure that you adjust the campaign 100% the way you want.

We hope that the next time you ask yourself “what traffic is best for my website?” this guide will help you decide. And to help you with your first purchase even more, here is a code for 10% off – TF10WELCOME. You can enter it at checkout to discount your entire cart by 10%. Enjoy! (please note that it doesn’t apply to the TFPro self-serve platform, though – the prices in there are already as low as they can be)

If you have any further questions or need more information about any of the packages described here (or if you’re looking for something else entirely), please email support(at)traffic-fans.com or use the on-site chat to get in touch with a friendly and knowledgeable team of Website Traffic Fans.

Good luck with your website and happy traffic shopping! 🙂

*Please note that since we work with real traffic only, we can’t promise or guarantee conversions. We have no way to influence what the visitors do on your website and conversions depend on many factors beyond our control.

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