Website Traffic and SEO (+ 5 SEO Content Tips Bonus Video)

website traffic and seo

Website Traffic and SEO (+ 5 SEO Content Tips Bonus Video)

Website traffic and SEO are two subjects that are very closely related. A good SEO strategy will help you increase the website traffic your precious website receives. At the same time, attracting high-quality traffic will boost your website’s SEO.

Any website owner understands the importance of SEO (or at least everyone should!). If you want to appear high in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) you should make sure that your website is optimised and attractive to search engines.

You could, of course, just build a website and hope for the best but if you want to get anywhere near the top of the search results – you need to put some work into it. Nobody knows how the algorithms of the likes of Google work exactly but there are certain details that have been proven to work time and again.

I assume that you already have a website so I’m not going to talk about selecting the right domain name or extension. Instead, we are going to look into what you can do to boost your existing website’s SEO. The most important thing is the right…


Fact: Search engines LOVE valuable content. Whatever your website is about, make sure that you have engaging content that is useful to your visitors. Add a blog to your website if you can – this is a great opportunity to have a space where you can regularly post new, fresh articles for your visitors. You can tell them about your service or product or simply share your knowledge with them.

Add some keywords to it (don’t overdo it!) and make sure that it’s at least 300 words in length. This is the recommended minimum but try to make it 1000 words or even more for the best effect.

There are some very important benefits from regularly adding fresh content to your website:

  • it will help you attract more visitors
    Did I already mention that website traffic and SEO (writing engaging content is SEO) go hand in hand? ?
  • it allows you to engage with your visitors
    You can tell them more about your products, services, special offers etc. This gives you a lot more space than your product/service description.
  • it helps you keep them on your website for longer
    If they find your articles valuable and helpful, they may continue reading on and move from one to another. Google will love that!
  • it shows you as an expert in your field
    If what you write provides value, helps your visitors in any way or even just engages them, they will see your website (and you) as a valuable resource and may gain more trust towards your offer.
  • it encourages search engines to index your site more often
    Each time you add an article or a blog post to your website the search engines will index it. If you do it regularly, search engines will remember to check your site out for new content more regularly.
  • it can attract backlinks from other websites
    If you post something worth sharing – other websites may do just that. This is a great way to attract more visitors while strengthening your SEO with valuable backlinks.
  • it allows you to have more internal links
    If you write about your product or service you can add links from your blog post to it. Internal links increase the weight of the content they are pointing to. You are basically making your product/service page more valuable to search engines (don’t overdo it!).
  • it gives you the opportunity to target more keywords
    There is a limited number of keywords you can add to your website before it becomes unreadable or too packed with them for search engines to like. Each new blog post allows you to add new keywords – this is a great way to add as many keywords to your website as you want!

As you can see, writing engaging content has many benefits for you and your website. But you shouldn’t be done with writing the moment you publish your amazing blog post. Details change and search engines depreciate the weight of content over time. You should be ready to come back to them and improve them every so often.

5 SEO Tips

If you’d like to learn more local SEO tips on how to rank your website higher in search engines, I invite you to watch the below YouTube video by Goldie Local SEO. It contains Goldie’s top 5 content tips and will help you make the most of your articles and posts.

Make sure to give him a like and subscribe to his channel if you enjoy it!

So this is it. We discussed the impact of high-quality content on SEO and some of its most important benefits, including attracting more precious visitors. I recommend that you put some work and effort into optimising your website – it will definitely help you in the long run.

Website Traffic and SEO

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