Where To Get Adsense Safe Traffic?

adsense safe traffic

Where To Get Adsense Safe Traffic?

If your website is Adsense-enabled you’ve most likely already considered buying website traffic to squeeze a little more revenue out of it. The internet is full of traffic claiming to be “Adsense safe” so it should be really easy – buy Adsense safe traffic and immediately bathe in revenue flowing your way from the ads like a wild river…

Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated than that. 

Is it allowed to send paid traffic to an Adsense-enabled website?

Google clearly states that “You’re welcome to promote your site in any manner that complies with our [Google Adsense’s] program policies”. However – you, being the publisher, are solely responsible for the quality of traffic you send to your site. You need to keep an eye on what you buy and react if you see any signs of things not working out the way they are supposed to. 

The bottom line is: if the quality of traffic that your Adsense enabled website receives is very poor – you risk a ban from Google.

What type of traffic could get you in trouble? 

Google is pretty clear on that and warns against “artificial traffic” (clicks and impressions generated by bots) and incentivised traffic (visitors rewarded in any way for visiting your website or clicking the ads published on it). 

Basically – if the visitors your website receives get paid to visit it (or compensated in another way) or aren’t real human visitors in the first place – Google won’t be happy about it. In extreme cases, Google could even ban your precious Adsense account. 

If you buy genuine website traffic and refrain from using any of the methods described above – you should be fine. 

I “should” be fine?

Yes, you should be fine. Nobody outside Google knows its algorithms, so whenever you buy website traffic – there is always a certain level of risk involved. And it’s even there when you don’t buy any website traffic at all.

Abiding by Adsense’s every rule won’t always protect you. The same as breaking them doesn’t always mean that you will be banned. Google moves in mysterious ways… 

Fortunately, the folks (and algorithms) at Google are usually quite reasonable. Even if you use poor quality traffic, you will see the level of invalidated clicks increase well before you run into any trouble. So do be aware of what’s going on in your own Adsense account. 

Where to get Adsense safe traffic?

Some of the safest places to get Google Adsense-safe traffic are social media and… Google (duh!).

Facebook (and other social media)

With nearly 3 billion users, Facebook is the most popular social network on the planet. And it doesn’t seem that this is going to change anytime soon. Traffic coming from Facebook is legitimate and can be quite cheap if you know what you’re doing. Plenty had already been written about Facebook marketing so we won’t be getting into too much detail here. 

If you plan your budget right and target the right audience – Facebook can be a great source of website traffic.
The same goes for traffic from other social media. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn can all be great traffic sources if you know what you’re doing and can afford it.

Google Ads

One of the world’s largest ad networks with millions of advertisers and billions of clients. It is (obviously) Adsense-safe traffic and can be a great solution for those, who know how PPC works. The downside is that it can get quite expensive and it’s really easy to quickly blow through your advertising budget. If you understand how PPC works and have time and money to experiment – it could be a perfect solution for you. 

In summary

Buying website traffic for Adsense-enabled websites can be safe as long as you make sure that you only receive high-quality traffic. You should also pay close attention to your Adsense account and react immediately when you notice any irregularities. 

We strongly advise that you don’t raise any red flags by suddenly increasing the traffic your website receives. Google doesn’t like dramatic spikes – both up or down. 

If you buy high-quality traffic, grow it gradually, keep it at steady and believable levels and monitor your Adsense account. This will dramatically increase the odds that you, and your precious Adsense account, will be fine. 

If you’d like to buy high-quality, non-incentivised, real traffic – check out our Premium Geo & Niche Targeted Traffic. It ticks all of the boxes, it’s 100% detectable by Google Analytics and won’t hurt your Adsense account if you keep the above points in mind. 


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