4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cheap Traffic (And 1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t)

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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cheap Traffic (And 1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t)

If you ever wanted to buy webtraffic you probably already know that there is plenty to choose from out there. There are hundreds of providers and thousands of resellers, each offering various traffic packages and traffic types. 

Selecting the correct traffic type is crucial in achieving the results you want. There are many characteristics that you should pay attention to when buying webtraffic and one of the first you usually notice is the price. 

Today we’ll take a closer look at reasons to buy cheap traffic. There is plenty to choose from if you’re looking to buy cheap webtraffic but there are also some things you should consider. Just because something is cheap – doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad. 

Here are 4 reasons to buy cheap webtraffic:


Cheap traffic is… cheap. I know that I didn’t really reinvent the wheel with this statement but it’s true nevertheless. Cheap traffic will help you boost certain statistics of your website while being gentle on your budget. If all you need to do is boost the numbers – there is no need to overspend on simply improving statistics. Good cheap traffic (yes, that’s a thing) may even be country and niche targeted to make sure that the statistics boost is consistent with your regular, organic traffic. 


Buying cheap targeted traffic will help boost your website’s visitors count with very little investment. With prices starting from as little as $7 per 10,000 visitors (which you can spread over 1-30 days), you can make your website look a lot busier than it really is. This, in turn, may affect your website’s overall value. Since you can buy cheap visitors from specific countries, you can easily blend them in with your existing traffic. 


Targeted cheap traffic may improve your search engine ranking. Receiving any type of targeted traffic will usually affect your ranking. Google (and other search engines) value busy websites and will boost those, that receive a larger volume of visitors over those less visited. Buying cheap webtraffic regularly may give your website the competitive edge it needs. 


You can buy cheap traffic to safely stress-test your website. Are you getting ready for a massive influx of visitors but aren’t sure if your website can take it? You can buy traffic and see how well your website (and server) can cope with them. Buying cheap traffic will let you do it while spending very little money, allows you to send visitors to specific areas of your website and to stop/start the test at any moment. This means that the instant things aren’t going the right way you can pause the traffic, make the necessary adjustments and then reactivate the traffic for further testing. This is a level of control you wouldn’t have while only driving organic traffic to your website and besides – it means that if your site stops working under the heavy load – you will only lose some cheap visitors instead of more valuable, organic ones. 

So is buying cheap traffic good for everything? Well, not really.

Here is 1 goal that you shouldn’t buy cheap traffic for:

Conversions. Regardless of what any cheap traffic sellers may be promising you – there is little chance that buying cheap traffic will increase conversions on your website. Just think about that for a minute – if cheap traffic would convert as well as other traffic types, would it still be cheap? Wouldn’t everyone just buy cheap traffic and become millionaires, selling anything they wanted?

No – the chances that this type of traffic will convert aren’t high. It is cheap for a reason and it’s what is left when all higher quality visitors are used for more expensive services. This being said – you CAN get an occasional conversion from cheap traffic – many of our clients report them. It’s just that buying it solely for this purpose isn’t the best idea – you can buy better website traffic types for that.

In conclusion, you can successfully buy cheap webtraffic and benefit from it if you know what you want to use it for. Traffic-Fans.com offers high-quality cheap traffic – the best you can find on the market today. Despite the incredibly low price, you will receive good quality, real visitors from the niche and countries you choose. And for the few of you, who actually read this entire article (or just skipped to the end, you sneaky person), Traffic-Fans.com has prepared something to make buying cheap traffic even cheaper. Here is a code for an additional 10% discount for all cheap traffic packages: TF10CHEAP. Just paste it into the Coupon Code field on the checkout page and make the cheap traffic – super-cheap.

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