11 Most Common Questions About Buying Website Traffic

Buying website traffic

11 Most Common Questions About Buying Website Traffic

Buying website traffic is like buying anything else. To avoid disappointment, you should always research what you buy and who are you buying it from. Whether it’s by email or chat – you should always ask at least some basic questions before you click that “buy now” button. 

Below is a list of the 11 most common questions clients ask us just before buying website traffic, together with answers to them. We hope that this list will help you decide if paid traffic is what you need and what type of traffic would work best for your buisness.

Where does website traffic come from?

Most of our traffic comes from multiple advertising networks, expired domains and social media platforms. We have great relations with some of the top traffic providers on the planet, which allows us to provide you with the best traffic quality at the lowest prices possible.

Are your website visitors real?

Yes! We don’t deal with bot traffic or any type on incentivised website visitors. The traffic we provide is 100% real.

Is paid traffic detected by Google Analytics?

Yes. All traffic types available on traffic-fans.com are compatible with Google Analytics. The percentage of traffic GA detects depends on multiple factors, though. The Premium traffic has a 100% GA detectability while some of the other traffic types can show some losses. But don’t worry – we usually over-deliver each order to make sure that you get the most out of it! 

Are there any rules when buying website traffic?

Please keep in mind that we are redirecting real people to your website so yes, there are some rules that both, you and us, have to go by. We have to protect the visitors and make sure that no harm will come to them, so we won’t activate any order targeting a website where we detect something dangerous (like phishing, viruses, trojans, adware, malware etc.). You can’t promote fake tech support, pharmacies of any kind or any type of illegal content, either. We do accept adult content if it’s legal and you buy the Adult website traffic package. 

Is paid traffic targeted?

Yes! You can target it by country and by niche. Depending on the traffic type you can select from as many as 120 countries and over 120 niches. In the case of the Premium Geo & Niche Targeted Traffic, you can also provide a keyword and we’ll target the visitors by it. And if your country isn’t listed? Please contact us and we’ll check if we have enough traffic available from it. 

Is it possible to buy Organic Traffic?

Yes, it is! Organic visitors come to a website from a search engine result page. We can provide traffic from Google (.com or your local one), Bing and Yahoo. If you’d like to buy website traffic from another search engine – contact us and we’ll check the availability.

Is it possible to add a custom keyword when buying Organic traffic?

Yes! If you buy organic traffic from google.com you can also select a custom keyword that will be displayed in your Google Analytics.

Will paid traffic convert?

Since we work with real traffic only, this isn’t something we can promise or guarantee. We can’t influence the behaviour of the visitors when they arrive at your website. These are real people with their own plans, preferences, likes and dislikes, so they can read, buy, register, do anything else – or do nothing on your website.

Please keep in mind that paid traffic is a lot “colder” than natural organic traffic so it may take some time to see the desired results. We do, however, have many clients who report conversions.

Is paid traffic Adsense safe?

Google is pretty clear on what they consider Adsense-safe website traffic. It has to be real and non-incentivised. Our Premium Geo & Niche Targeted Traffic is exactly that, which means that it is considered Adsense-safe. 

Please keep in mind that there is more to keeping your Adsense account safe and there are certain guidelines you should follow. You can read more about them HERE.

How can I resell website traffic?

We actually offer a great program for our resellers. It includes a 20% discount, multiple traffic packages to resell, amazing reseller support, “The Ultimate Guide To Reselling Website Traffic” pdf and it’s 100% free to join and participate in. You can learn more about it HERE.

Can I get a discount for my traffic purchase?

Once again – yes! Especially, since you actually read this text all the way until here. You definitely deserve a reward! 😉 

Enter TF10THANKYOU at checkout to get an instant 10% discount for your order. Oh, and by the way – we have a range of discounts and special offer options for our regular clients. Contact us if you’d like to know more and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. 

And here we are. These were the 11 most common questions about buying website traffic that we’ve encountered over the years of providing it. We hope that some of them answered some of the questions you may have had too. 

And remember – we are always ready to answer your questions via our email (support(AT)traffic-fans.com) or chat on our website. If you need any information about buying website traffic – let us know!

All the best! 🙂

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