What is the custom website traffic?

custom website traffic

What is the custom website traffic?

If you were ever in the market for paid traffic, you are most likely familiar with various traffic types. Apart from the usual suspects (geo-targeted, adult, mobile etc.), there are some other, interesting traffic types that you may not be aware of – yet. Custom website traffic is one of them. 

So what is the custom website traffic? 

Sometimes your goal may not fall into one of the standard pre-set categories and you’d rather mix and match them to combine multiple traffic characteristics in a single package. What if you’d like to receive a mix of organic traffic from Google with a keyword of your choice, geo-targeted traffic and then spice it all up with some active visitors? 

Buying three separate, smaller packages has its drawbacks. For one – it is more expensive. A single, larger product will usually be cheaper than its equivalent divided between three smaller ones. It is also a lot harder to get the desired ratio of multiple traffic types when you are restricted by pre-set package sizes. Not to mention – it’s simply more work as you need to place not one but three (or more) separate orders and keep track of each one of them.

With custom website traffic, you can enjoy all of the benefits of combining multiple traffic packages, without any of its drawbacks. You simply decide what traffic types you would like to combine or what goals you’d like to achieve and how much of each type would you like to receive.


Let’s say that you’d like to buy website traffic to increase your website’s visitors count by 10k per day. The total volume of visitors you’d need to cover a full month (30 days) is 300k. You’d like to ensure that the bounce rate is looking good but you also want to see some engagement and maybe receive some organic traffic from Google (with a selected keyword) to make it all look more natural and, well – organic. 

Your custom traffic package could look like this: 

  • Geo and niche targeted traffic: 50%
  • Active visitors: 30%
  • Organic traffic from Google: 20%

This is just an example of what is possible with custom website traffic. It allows you to experiment, create your own, personalised traffic packages and improve them over time. You can adjust your custom website traffic package so that it evolves together with your business. 

The world is changing. The way we conduct business is changing as well. Why should the services you use be any different? 

Traffic-fans is all about customisation. We want to make sure that the service is convenient for YOU and that it meets YOUR needs and requirements. Just let us know what you need and we’ll let you know how it can be achieved. It’s as simple as that.

Contact Traffic-Fans straight away, let us know why YOU need website traffic and let us take care of the rest so that you don’t have to. 

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