How To Improve Bounce Rate and Increase Website Traffic

how to improve bounce rate

How To Improve Bounce Rate and Increase Website Traffic

There are many metrics that any webmaster needs to keep their eye on. The most important one is the volume of traffic that the website receives. Without traffic, there are (obviously) hardly any metrics to see. This is why many people are looking for ways to increase website traffic flowing to their precious sites. Another important metric is the bounce rate which, in simple terms, is the percentage of visitors who leave your website without performing any action (like clicking a link, moving on to the next page etc.). So how to improve the bounce rate and increase website traffic?

How to increase website traffic?

There are multiple ways to attract more people to your www. The most basic (and probably most important) is SEO. Having a well SEO-optimised website can make a huge difference and really help you in the long run. Writing engaging content, ensuring that your website is well optimised and that you are targeting the right keywords are all very important aspects. SEO is definitely going to help you increase website traffic. There is no doubt about that.

The main problem with SEO, however, is that it takes A LOT of time to see meaningful results of your work. This is not a recipe for overnight success. It is something you shouldn’t overlook (you will thank yourself in the future for it) but if you need quick results, you should complement your SEO efforts. 

The easiest way to increase website traffic is to buy visitors. You can buy high-quality website traffic in minutes and see more visitors within hours. With prices starting from $7 for 5000 Cheap Traffic and $17 for 5000 Premium, high-quality traffic, it’s a quick and cost-effective way to boost your website. 

What is also important, is that the more high-quality traffic your website receives, the more you help your SEO efforts. Receiving a steady flow of high-quality traffic will actually help you rank higher and get more natural organic traffic.

What about the bounce rate?

A high website bounce rate can mean a few things. Maybe your page loads too slow, you are missing engaging content or have annoying pop-ups? Visit your website yourself and try to see it from the point of view of a brand new visitor. Would you engage with it if it wasn’t yours?

Please keep in mind that a single-page website, blog or news site may actually have a high bounce rate because of their nature (a single article to read or simply nothing else to engage with), which often isn’t something to worry about. 

Bounce rate is generally considered average/good when it’s below 60%

A good bounce rate is something many people pay attention to. It may be important to your clients or advertisers. If they take a look at your Google Analytics, bounce rate is definitely something they will notice. 

So how to improve the bounce rate?

You can improve the bounce rate by working on your website’s loading time, getting rid of unnecessary plug-ins, making sure that your website is easy (and friendly) to use and doesn’t contain errors.

You can also feed two birds with one scone (I prefer this over “killing with stones”) and increase your website traffic, while improving bounce rate at the same time. 

Traffic-Fans’ Premium Website Traffic is definitely something to consider, as it will provide you with high-quality traffic and lower your bounce rate. 

What this means, is that for just $17 you can get a traffic package of 5000 high-quality visitors with a bounce rate below 60%. You can spread the delivery over 1-30 days and select what country you receive the visitors from. You can also go for worldwide traffic and receive traffic from all over the world. All of the visitors will be registered by your Google Analytics, so you will have your statistics improved. 

The entire process literally takes a minute and orders are activated within 2-8 hours every day. 


Organic Traffic from Google package will provide you with high-quality traffic, bounce rate below 60% and each visitor will register as coming in from Google. You can even select a local Google search engine (, etc.). And if you select you can pick a keyword to be shown in your analytics. 

Social Media Traffic is another option if you’d like to get visitors from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or another social media platform, with similar characteristics as the Organic and Premium Traffic. 

In summary

You should definitely concentrate on SEO and optimising your website. These are the best things that you can do and you will always benefit from them in the long run. 

If, however, you need results quickly – can offer you a range of solutions. Reach out to us via the on-site chat or drop us a line at support(at) today. We will be happy to advise you on the best traffic package for your needs or just have a friendly chat (about the weather, current world events, travelling, cats, Monty Python’s or whatever else you fancy). We genuinely enjoy interacting with our clients! 🙂

P.S. If you mention “cats” while talking to us we will add 10% extra traffic on top of your traffic order. We love cats 😉

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