Buying Cheap Targeted Traffic in 2021

cheap targeted traffic

Buying Cheap Targeted Traffic in 2021

The website traffic industry evolves. Things that still worked a few years ago don’t necessarily work today anymore. There are some things that stayed the same though – increasing the volume of targeted traffic your website receives is still a great way to improve your rankings, statistics, and even conversions. In this post, we will take a closer look at buying cheap targeted traffic in 2021. 

The best two things about cheap targeted traffic are that it’s targeted and cheap 😉 

Buying cheap targeted visitors is still one of the best ways to boost your precious website’s numbers. The fact that you can bring visitors to your site for as little as $0.0008 each, opens a world of possibilities. Just think about it – if Google Ads puts a CPC of $0.50 on your keyword, it means that for every click from Google you could get over 600 cheap visitors. 

You can’t, of course, expect similar results from both, but if this single visitor from Google isn’t interested in what you have to offer, that’s it. He’s gone. With cheap traffic, you get 599 more chances. 


When buying cheap targeted traffic you can select some parameters that will help you reach the right audience. You can select a country you’d like to receive visitors from – this is handy if you only want to attract visitors from a particular location. If location isn’t a priority, you can also opt for world-wide traffic and get a mix of visitors from all around the planet. 

Another way to target your traffic campaign is by selecting a relevant niche. Niches are general interests that the visitors expressed previously and are an indication of what they may be looking for. For example: if a visitor previously browsed through various car-related websites, he may be sent your way if you select the “cars” niche. 

This doesn’t mean that he’s necessarily looking to buy a car from you but it’s an indication that some of his past behaviour suggested that he is interested in cars. 

Cheap Traffic Prices

If you’re buying cheap targeted traffic you are most likely looking for a good deal. And with cheap traffic, you can get some of the best traffic deals available. Cheap targeted traffic packages start from as little as $7 for 5000 visitors, so you get plenty of bang for your buck. 

At such low rates, cheap targeted traffic is a great way to increase the volume of visitors your website receives. You can boost your SEO efforts, improve your website’s statistics, stress-test it and even get some conversions (this isn’t something that anyone can guarantee, though). 

Because of the price, you also get a lot more room to maneuver and test various approaches. For just $95 you could have 100 thousand visitors heading your way (and get another 10 thousand bonus visitors on top of it too!).

Buying Cheap Traffic

Is setting up a Google Ads campaign intimidating? We understand that it can be! With cheap traffic you have nothing to worry about. All that you need to do is:

  1. Select how many visitors you need 
  2. Choose a target country (or select “worldwide”)
  3. Pick your niche (for example “cars”, travel” etc.)
  4. Choose delivery speed (1-30 days)
  5. Enter the target URL

And that’s all. Buying cheap targeted traffic literally takes a minute (or even less). No applying for ad accounts, no complicated targeting, no confusing analytics. You select what you need and start receiving traffic within hours. 

We believe that buying cheap targeted traffic should be quick and easy. Check out Cheap Website Traffic from Traffic-Fans and see for yourself just how easy (and cheap!) it can be. 

If you need any more information, have any questions or just want to say “hello” please visit and use the on-site chat. We love talking to our lovely clients! 🙂

We hope to chat to you soon!

P.S. Make sure to ask us for a discount – you’ve read this entire post so you deserve a reward 😉

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