How to resell website traffic

How to resell website traffic?

How to resell website traffic

The website traffic industry has been growing steadily over the past years. With a steady increase in the number of websites online, the demand for high-quality website traffic grows too. This demand resulted in more and more people looking into reselling website traffic to meet this demand. In this post, we explain how to resell website traffic and benefit from this rapidly growing industry.

Let’s be honest!

There are hundreds of traffic providers out there and they all claim to offer the highest quality service. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth more often than not.

The whole idea behind was to provide only high-quality website traffic while offering the best level of customer service. We tested hundreds of different traffic sources over the years and every type of traffic we offer – is the best quality/price ratio available on the market today.

We also understand that many of our clients were burned by dishonest traffic resellers in the past, which is why we do everything we can to make our services as transparent, friendly, and efficient as possible.

What website traffic can you resell?

Every single traffic package available on our website is a service available to resellers. As a reseller, you will receive an automatic 20% discount on our packages (except for the TFPro self-serve platform) and it is entirely up to you to decide how much you will resell it to your clients for. We don’t interfere with your pricing but please keep in mind that if you exaggerate and charge too much – it may be more difficult to find clients for your services.

Traffic Package Sizes

You can resell the same package sizes as we do or purchase larger packages and resell them as smaller ones (contact us for details). Please note that the smallest package you can offer to your clients is 10,000 visitors. This is due to certain technical restrictions – we can’t provide less than around 300 visitors per day for some of our traffic types. This restriction does not apply to all packages so contact us if you’d like to check about offering smaller parts of any particular one. 

Please note that if you resell traffic available in TFPro self-serve platform, you have no restrictions and can offer whichever package size you can run in it. 

Where does the traffic come from?

Our traffic comes from various sources and will consist of expired domains traffic, XML feed traffic, traffic from multiple advertising networks and from various social media platforms. We mix and match various external traffic sources to create traffic packages offering the best possible quality and value for money.

All our traffic is unbranded so your clients will never know that you purchased your traffic from us. It goes without saying that we will never attempt to contact your clients – we respect you and it is in our interest for you to succeed.

Traffic packages you can resell

Below you will find the most important information regarding each of our currently available traffic packages:

GEO and Niche Targeted Traffic

This is our flagship package. If you were to pick one service to offer your clients – this would be the one we’d recommend in most cases. This high-quality website traffic offers low bounce rates, is 100% detectable in Google Analytics, and is highly targetable. You can pick from 120+ countries (not all of the countries are listed on the website – some of the less popular countries are available on request so please check the availability first before you offer those to your clients) and 120+ niches. You can also offer it without GEO targeting (Worldwide traffic). The Geo and Niche Targeted Traffic is a mix of desktop and mobile visitors.

  • Best for: Stats boosting, lowering bounce rate, ad arbitrage, SEO, Alexa etc.

Organic Traffic from Google

The traffic package that proves it is actually possible to buy organic traffic. Google Analytics will register 100% of the visitors and will recognize them as genuine, organic traffic. You can select or one of 20+ local google search engines (, de, nl, pl, etc) to receive visitors from. Choosing will also allow you to pick a single keyword that Google Analytics will register as the one the target URL was found through. This package consists of around 90% desktop visitors and 10% mobile. This traffic usually shows good bounce rates.

  • Best for: Stats boosting, SEO, Alexa

Cheap Website Traffic

The most budget option we offer. This is by far the cheapest of the bot-free, high-quality website traffic packages available on the market today. We are able to offer it at such a low price thanks to our great relationship with some of the best traffic providers on the planet. There are 120+ countries and 120+ niches to choose from.
This type of traffic is usually over-delivered – because it isn’t filtered as well as other traffic types, a certain % of the visitors may not be detected by Analytics. For this reason, we always try to deliver more traffic to partially compensate for it. 

  • Best for: Stats boosting, SEO, Alexa (it may also convert in larger volumes!)

Website Traffic for Bloggers

Website package created for both new and established bloggers. We blend it together in-house out of multiple traffic sources to offer a balanced mix of social media traffic, organic visitors, and visitors from The end effect looks like the natural traffic a blog would receive and will increase any blog’s statistics in the most believable way. Over 20 countries are available to target. 

  • Best for: Stats boosting, SEO, Alexa

Active Visitors

Traffic package built to improve time on site, activity, and engagement levels. 120+ countries to choose from including individual US states. It also allows targeting by OS, browser, etc. This mix of various traffic sources tends to provide the highest level of user engagement. However, there are no guarantees in regard to the engagement levels. This is simply the traffic type that has the highest chance of engagement but it isn’t something that can be promised or guaranteed. We always advise users to increase this traffic type gradually and carefully on Adsense-enabled websites as users may click ads. A sudden spike in ad clicks may pose a risk to an Adsense account.

  • Best for: Time on site, engagement, bounce rate, SEO, Alexa

Adult Website Traffic

For all naughty 18+ content. This is the traffic type to choose for all porn/erotic-related niches. 120+ countries to choose from and multiple niches + keywords available. This high-quality traffic type offers 100% Google Analytics detectability and low bounce rates. It’s a mix of desktop and mobile visitors.
IMPORTANT: This is only available for LEGAL adult content.

  • Best for: adult niches, stats boosting, bounce rate, SEO, Alexa

Mobile Website Traffic

Pure mobile traffic consisting of Android + iOS users. 120+ niches and 120+ countries to choose from. This traffic consists of multiple types and is best for stats boosting.

  • Best for: stats boosting, SEO, Alexa

Social Media Traffic

A cheaper alternative to Facebook’s (and other social media platforms) ads. High-quality traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, and many other social media networks. 100% Google Analytics Detection, worldwide or country targeted with 20+ countries to choose from. Genuine, high-quality social media traffic to improve any website or blog’s statistics.

  • Best for: stats boosting, SEO, Alexa, blog


TFPro is a self-serve platform that allows you to use one of multiple traffic types. You can resell the TFPro traffic at any price you wish and with the package size only limited by the options available within the platform. You can learn more about the Traffic-Fans.Pro here.

  • Best for: various, depending on the type of traffic used (SEO, Alexa, conversions, installs, downloads, stats boosting and more) 

How To Resell Website Traffic (and where)?

Everyone with a website is a potential client, which is both good (plenty of potential customers) and bad (it can be hard to narrow down your targeting). This opens a lot of possibilities for promoting your services. Below are a few ideas for paths you could take:

Your own website

We strongly recommend that you have your own website or blog. It is by no means a requirement but it will certainly help your future clients find you. It’s a platform for you to describe what you do and it offers you a chance to present yourself in a convincing way.

Social Media Platforms

Social media can be a powerful tool. Setting up a Facebook (or any other) fanpage/company profile can even replace an actual website up to a certain extent. It makes it easy to connect with people, find potential clients and it’s a great tool to communicate with your client as well.

Online forums

There are many marketing/blog/advertising-related online forums. Starting a traffic thread is a good idea to show what you do and reach potential clients. Pease make sure to check the forum rules before starting a new sales thread to avoid a ban.

Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects businesses with on-demand freelancers. A Gig is bought every 4 seconds on Fiverr so it has a huge potential.
Sign up for free at, set up your Gig, and offer traffic to a global audience. There is no subscription required or fees to list your services. You can set any price you want and keep 80% of each transaction.

Upwork Project Catalog

You can advertise your traffic offer in the Upwork Project Catalog. Sign up for free at and create your offer in minutes. Your clients can pay with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or PayPal. Upwork charges a 3% fee from each transaction. This is a brand new offering from Upwork so the competition isn’t as stiff here as (for example) on Fiverr yet.

Email marketing

If you already have a (legal) list of clients you previously worked with, you can go ahead and let them know about the new service you offer.

In summary

Reselling website traffic can be a great opportunity to start an online business or expand your current offer. team is here to help you at every step of the way – remember, we went through it many times, co-founding multiple traffic resellers over the years. We know the challenges you may be facing and we’re here to help you on your way to build a successful traffic business.

If you’d like to join the team as a traffic reseller, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you straight away. See you inside! 🙂

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