5 Reasons Why You May Want To Increase Website Traffic

increase website traffic

5 Reasons Why You May Want To Increase Website Traffic

Before you buy website traffic, you should know what exactly you’d like to achieve with it. If you don’t – you should at least take a moment to think about your desired outcome. Having a clearly defined goal will help you select the right type of traffic for your needs and could save you a lot of money in the long run. In this post, we will take a closer look at the 5 reasons why you may need to increase website traffic. 

Top 5 reasons to increase website traffic

After years of working with webtraffic, thousands of clients served and tens of thousands of traffic campaigns successfully ran, we have some idea of what it’s all about. We also noticed that a huge majority of clients wanted to increase website traffic to their website for one or more of the following reasons (in no particular order):

1. SEO/Alexa boost

It is no secret that high-quality traffic has a serious impact on SEO. The more popular a website is, the better it ranks. Google likes popular websites and makes them easier to find by listing them higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Any website that receives a steady, high volume of quality visitors, will climb up the search results eventually. Nobody really knows the algorithms behind Google but we know that popularity is an important factor. 

The same goes for Alexa. Alexa is a global ranking of websites by popularity. The rank is calculated based on the average number of unique visitors and page views. Alexa takes into account the last 3 months, which makes it important to keep the traffic levels high over a longer period. You can read more about Alexa and Alexa traffic HERE

2. Increase on-site ad revenue

The ad real-estate available on a website is only worth anything if there are enough people to see it. Nobody will place an ad in a place no one visits. Many people want to increase website traffic for this exact reason – making their website more popular and therefore increasing the potential ad revenue. High-quality paid traffic is a quick way to boost the statistics, as it will register in Google Analytics. Bloggers often buy website visitors for the same reason.

3. Adsense clicks

“Is it Adsense-safe?” is definitely among the top three of the most asked questions in the website traffic industry. Many people buy website traffic only to get some clicks on their Adsense ads. It is understandable, as Adsense can be a reliable and relatively easy way to make money. It does, however, require high-quality website traffic as Google can be merciless to those, who try to cheat it. Sending swarms of bot traffic to your ad-enabled website is a sure way to get your precious Adsense account banned. 

You can learn more about where to get Adsense-safe traffic HERE.

4. Increase a website’s worth

There are many people, who make their living by buying and selling websites. And many of them use paid traffic to boost their earnings. The value of a website depends on many factors but among the most important ones is certainly the volume of traffic the website receives. A website with high volume of traffic could indicate a potential for a higher future revenue. This, in turn, means that a buyer could be enticed to pay a higher price for it. Many clients seem to buy website traffic for this reason.

5. Conversions

This one doesn’t need much explaining. We all want some sort of conversions on our websites. Maybe you sell a product, provide a service or simply offer a freebie to entice visitors to join your mailing list. “Does it convert?” is by far the most common question any traffic provider or reseller hears every day (or every hour). The answer is quite simple: high-quality paid traffic is similar to any other traffic. It consists of people, who all have their needs, plans and go about their lives. If they see something they like – they may order it or sign up for a newsletter. What is important to note, however, is that paid traffic is a lot “colder” than natural organic traffic. It may take a lot more visitors to achieve the same number of sales as with (for example) Google Ads. 

The good thing is – with paid traffic you could be paying as little as $0.0008 per visitor, so you have a lot more room for trial and error. 

To sum it up

These are just 5 of the most common reasons why people buy website visitors. Maybe one of them applies to you. Maybe it’s a combination of a few or maybe there is something else whatsoever that drives you. Whatever your reasons are, the Traffic-Fans.com team is here to help. Contact us today and let us know why YOU need website traffic and we’ll use our years of expertise to make sure that when you buy website traffic from us – you achieve your goals. 

Good luck!

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