3 Characteristics of High-Quality Website Traffic (and how to get some)

High Quality Website Traffic

3 Characteristics of High-Quality Website Traffic (and how to get some)

Buying high-quality website traffic can be extremely useful if you do it right. There are plenty of providers and resellers you can choose from out there and each one promises to deliver high-quality service. Unfortunately, they often can’t deliver on those promises. So is it actually possible to buy high-quality webtraffic without breaking the bank?

Before we answer this question, let’s first agree on what high-quality paid website traffic is. There could be multiple answers to this question if you ask multiple webmasters. What we call “high-quality” could depend on the perspective and the purpose we need the service for. There are, however, 3 common characteristics of high-quality webtraffic that most of us would agree on. 

What are the characteristics of high quality paid website traffic? 

1. High quality paid website traffic is human

When you buy high-quality website traffic you most likely want to see some results (duh!). Buying bot traffic won’t do much to help you achieve them. Bots could let you increase certain statistics (like the overall number of visitors your website receives) but won’t do much else. They certainly won’t qualify as high-quality webtraffic and Google Analytics often won’t even detect and count them. Such traffic may actually have a negative impact on your bounce rate.

2. Bounce rate

Bounce rate is one of the key statistics and is among the main reasons why webmasters purchase website traffic. High-quality, targeted visitors will let you improve your it for website’s bounce rate as the traffic you receive will consist of people, who expressed some type of interest in the niche you selected. This, in turn, will improve the chances that once they visit your website – they will see something to grab (and keep) their attention for long enough to prevent them from leaving straight away. 

3. Google Analytics detectability

You won’t have much use for website traffic if Google Analytics doesn’t register all of the visitors you paid for. GA is still by far the most popular tool to track website traffic – even if it isn’t always the most accurate one. Whether you buy website traffic for yourself or for your clients – it is important that you can actually see what you paid for. And if the main purpose is to see the increase in the number of visitors your website receives – GA is the place to check about this increase. It is important that Google Analytics detects 100% of the high-quality webtraffic you buy.

Now that we can agree on the definition of high quality paid website traffic, let’s go back to the original question: Is it possible to buy high quality website traffic?


If you’d like to increase the volume of visitors your (or your client’s) website receives while lowering the bounce rate and you’d like to make sure that you can see 100% of those improvements in Google Analytics – Geo and Niche Targeted Traffic will tick all of those boxes for you. 

You can choose from over 100 countries to target and select one of over 100 niches*. You will receive high quality, targeted website traffic that is guaranteed to be 100% detected by Google Analytics and will improve your bounce rate. And all of it at the lowest price you can find for such quality and with a 100% money-back guarantee! 

Buying high-quality webtraffic has never been easier, cheaper or safer! 

*If your country or niche isn’t listed – don’t worry! It may simply be a less popular one. Contact us and we’ll let you know if we have it available. 

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