Analytics websites. Can they detect paid traffic?

Analytics websites

Analytics websites. Can they detect paid traffic?

There are many reasons to buy website visitors. Maybe you buy traffic to increase the overall number of visitors and boost your website’s statistics. Maybe you need to improve the bounce rate or the time on site. Or maybe you simply buy website traffic to get more clicks, sales or other conversions. Whatever your reasons are – you need to make sure that the analytics websites can actually detect the traffic you paid for. 

What are the analytics websites?

In short, analytics websites’ job is to provide you with valuable information about the traffic your website receives. It could be as simple as showing you the total number of visitors. Or it could be as complex as providing the entire route your visitors take through your website, heat maps etc. 

Google Analytics is by far the most popular analytics tool but it is also far from being the only one out there. There are many other analytics websites on the market and many webmasters have their favourites. Hotjar, Statcounter, are also among the most popular tools and are used daily by many webmasters around the world. is worth mentioning here as it is a free link shortener, which is also a lot more than that. Apart from making your links more user-friendly, it also brings you a range of important information. The number of clicks your link generated, the source of visitors and their geographical location are among the details it provides. 

Will analytics websites detect paid traffic?

It depends on the traffic and its quality. In general – most of the high-quality (real) traffic will be easily detected. This depends on some factors, though. For example, if the visitors bounce very quickly – Google Analytics may not register them even though they did, technically, visit the website. They just weren’t there for long enough to be counted. 

The good thing about Google Analytics is that it won’t detect most of the bot traffic. If you buy website visitors and can’t see them in your Analytics – there is a good chance that they weren’t real and you paid for bots…

Where to buy website visitors that will show in Google Analytics?

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Will analytics websites detect paid traffic?

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