A Fully Managed vs A Self-Serve Website Traffic Platform – Pros & Cons

Self-Serve Website Traffic Platform

A Fully Managed vs A Self-Serve Website Traffic Platform – Pros & Cons

There are many options available if you’re looking to buy website traffic. There are many types of traffic available and they all come with certain pros and cons. Those are subjective and depend on the goals that you want to achieve, of course, so selecting the right website traffic solution is important. One of the first things that you need to decide is if you want to use a fully managed traffic provider or if you prefer a self-serve website traffic platform. 

A fully managed or self-serve website traffic platform?

Neither of them is “better” but they both offer unique benefits that make them better for certain scenarios. Let’s look into both options and discuss what each brings to the table. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will know when to use each of those options to maximise the results from your website traffic campaigns. 

Fully managed website traffic

Buying website traffic from a fully-managed provider is very simple. All you need to do is to pick your traffic type, provide the URL, decide how many visitors you would like to receive and over what period, select your niche/geo and that’s pretty much it. The setting up part is something that happens without your involvement. Your traffic campaign is prepared for you by experts and all you need to do is watch the incoming visitors. 

This, of course, also means that you have a lot less influence on the exact settings and you are dependent on the support to pause/restart the campaign. If you decide to make any adjustments you also need to contact support, explain what you need and wait for the implementation. Even with the most responsive customer support team, this may take some time. 

Your access to certain settings may also be limited. You may, for example, be limited to selecting just a single country to target per campaign. 

What is definitely a good thing about it, though, is that you don’t need to know much about the whole process. It’s a simple set & forget solution that will ensure someone is keeping an eye on your traffic and will adjust it as necessary to make sure that the daily/total volume is at a correct level.


  • It’s quick and simple
  • You don’t need to bother with the tech side of things at all
  • Someone will keep an eye on your campaigns and adjust them as needed


  • You have less control over your campaigns
  • No changes can be applied immediately 
  • It’s more expensive than the self-serve solution

A self-serve website traffic platform

If you want to make sure that you get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it, this is an option for you. A self-serve platform (like the Traffic-Fans.Pro) allows you to fully control nearly every aspect of your traffic campaign. Create as many campaigns as you like, target as many countries, niches and apply whichever filters you see fit (don’t worry – when you place your first order you will receive a guide with step-by-step instructions on how to manage all of it, so you don’t need to figure it all out by yourself).

You can also start, stop and adjust each of your campaigns whenever you need. You are not limited by having to ask someone for assistance. This opens a lot more possibilities for you, as you can freely test multiple combinations of traffic types and settings until you find what works best for your website. 

Using a self-serve website traffic platform offers you a very high level of control over your traffic. It also means that you are responsible for your actions and their outcome. You need to pay attention to the settings and, in particular, the budgets. Setting an incorrect price per visitor or a daily budget may result in an unpleasant surprise…

The good thing is – traffic bought on a self-serve platform is usually significantly cheaper than that from a fully-managed service. It gives you a lot more room to manoeuvre and test various options while keeping the cost low.


  • You have full control over your settings
  • You can experiment and test various types of traffic, countries, options etc.
  • You can apply changes in real-time
  • It’s cheaper than fully managed traffic


  • You need to set it all up yourself
  • The full responsibility is on you


Both a fully managed and a self-serve website traffic platform can be very useful and there is no better option. It all depends on your situation and preferences. I hope that this post helped you decide which of the two options is more in alignment with your goals. 

If you need any further information about website traffic, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form or at support (at) traffic-fans.com

Happy trafficking! 😉

The Traffic-Fans team

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