Drive high quality, real visitors to your website, detectable by Google Analytics with any referrer of your choice. Simply enter the full URL of the referrer into the Custom Referrer field and get traffic displayed as coming from any source you wish.

Please keep in mind that this type of traffic is NOT recommended for conversions as it is not niche targeted. You will still receive real visitors but their interests are random. They come from multiple large advertising networks and their real source is masked to match your individual requirements so that you can record visitors from any website, including subpages. If you are looking for converting traffic please refer to this blog post.

Custom Referrer Traffic

Why should you buy Custom Referrer Traffic?

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What Is A Referrer?

In Terms Of Website Traffic

A “referrer” is the source from which a visitor comes to a website. This source could be another webpage, a search engine, social media platform or basically any existing url.

Custom Referrer Traffic

How Does it Work?

If you are looking for quality website visitors coming from a very specific source, the Custom Referrer Traffic is the package for you. To receive visitors from the referrer of your choice please follow these steps:

  • Select the number of visitors from the Volume column,
  • Specify the GEO location (you can choose from 39 countries or worldwide),  
  • Enter the full url of the desired referrer in the Custom Referrer field (it can be any link, including subpages, for example: or,
  • Choose the delivery speed (between 1 and 30 days, if you select 30 days, the ordered amount of visitors will be spread over a month),
  • Enter the URL you wish to send visitors to (your web url or an affiliate link etc.),
  • Click the Add To Cart button and complete the order.

Once payment is confirmed you will receive an email with the order confirmation. Please note that we approve each url manually therefore it may take up to 12 hours for the campaign to go live. Once it happens you will receive another message from us with a unique tracking link. Visitors will be delivered from the chosen GEO, will come from the source of your choice and will be delivered within the selected timeframe.

Is Custom Referrer Traffic Real?

Where Do You Get The Visitors From?

Yes, we work with real visitors only and this traffic package is no different. Visitors delivered within the custom referrer traffic package come from a huge advertising networks and expired domains. The real source of the visits is masked to match your individual requirements so you could record visitors from any existing website including subpages.

Why Buy Custom Referrer Traffic?

What's there for you

The Custom Referrer Traffic Package lets you deliver real visitors registered by Google Analytics to your website. Traffic can come from absolutely any source of your choice including search engines, social media networks and even from specific profiles, groups, subpages. You can also use adult websites and blog URLs as a referrer.

You can use one referrer per order but hey, we enabled a tiny little package of 2500 visitors so you can even receive only 83 visitors per day from the chosen referrer (by selecting 30 days spread). If you need another referrer please submit a separate order.

What Is Custom Referrer Traffic Good For?

Based On The Feedback From Our Customers

Stats Boosting
SEO Improvement

Why Choose Traffic-Fans For Buying Custom Referrer Traffic?

We Deliver The Results You Need

Real, Human Visitors Only

We deliver only the best, high-quality, extensively tested genuine website traffic. We do not work with bots, so if you are looking for bot traffic, this isn't something we have available.

Money Back Guarantee

If at any point you decide to cancel your order, we will stop the delivery and issue a pro-rata refund.

Excellent Customer Support

Prepare for the best customer support you've ever experienced. At Traffic-Fans you deal with professionals who make sure your requirements are met.

Discounts And Bonuses

As you probably noticed we love rewarding our loyal customers with constant discounts and bonuses and we also over deliver orders whenever possible so prepare for a nice surprise. Psst - use code CUSTOMREF at checkout to get 30% off your first Custom Referrer Traffic order. Enjoy! ;)

Years Of Experience

We've been working with the largest traffic providers on the Planet for over 12 years and we can deliver any type of traffic you are looking for. Try us and see why we are the only webtraffic provider you will ever need.

Wide Variety Of Traffic

At you will find a wide variety of traffic including GEO and Niche Targeted Traffic, Organic Traffic, Adult Traffic, Active Visitors, Mobile Traffic, Traffic for Bloggers, Social Media Traffic, Referrer Traffic and the Cheapest Real Website Traffic on the Market.

Legal, Registered Business

We are a legal business registered in the European Union.

And More

Fast delivery, friendly and professional approach, insane daily traffic availability (2mil+ visitors), best prices in the industry, rewarding resellers program, 24/7/365 chat support, negotiable terms, secure payments, custom orders...

Custom Referrer Traffic FAQ


Yes, you can buy traffic using cryptocurrency! We accept crypto payments via Simply select the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies option at checkout and you will be able to choose from among multiple cryptocurrencies. You can buy traffic using Bitcoin (BTC), BNB Coin (BNB), DASH, Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), ChainLink Token (LINK), MATIC (Polygon Chain), Solana (SOL), TRON (TRX), Litecoin (LTC), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Tether USD (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC). If you'd like to use a coin that isn't available, please contact us and we'll check if we can enable it for you!

The credit/debit card payments are provided by PayPal. We also accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and various cryptocurrencies.

If you wish to pay by BTC (or another crypto) - simply select the Bitcoin payment method at checkout. Please keep in mind that BTC payments are non-refundable.

You can also pay by direct bank transfer. If you select this payment option - you will be presented with the bank account details. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order will not be processed until the funds have cleared in our account.

Once your campaign is approved by one of our traffic experts, you will receive an email with the tracking link. The traffic flow will start shortly after.