Cheap Website Traffic

How Does it Work?

If you are looking for well targeted, quality visitors in large amounts and in good price, the Cheap Website Traffic is the package for you. To receive cheap website traffic please follow these steps:

  • Select the number of visitors from the Volume column,
  • Specify the GEO location (if the country you wish to receive visitors from is not listed, don’t worry – enter it in the notes section, we have traffic from any place in the world), 
  • Select the niche or use the notes field to target by a specific keyword,
  • Choose the delivery speed (between 1 and 30 days, if you select 30 days the ordered amount of visitors will be spread over a month),
  • Enter the URL you wish to send visitors to (your web url or an affiliate link etc.),
  • Click the Add To Cart button and complete the order.

Once payment is confirmed you will receive an email with the order confirmation. Please note that we approve each url manually therefore it may take up to 12 hours for the campaign to go live. Once it happens you will receive another message from us with a unique tracking link. Visitors will be delivered from the chosen GEO, will be targeted by the chosen niche and will be delivered within the selected timeframe.

Recommended Starter Package

How to start?

To make sure you receive the whole selection of cheap website traffic sources, for your first campaign we recommend choosing at least 10.000 visitors spread over a maximum of 5 days. Delivering 2.000 visitors to your website every day for 5 days in a row is an optimal starting point that will help you understand how this traffic works and if it is suitable for your offer and/or if you need to adjust it further to get better results.

If you are seeking more customisation options and control over traffic, you may consider our advanced self-serve platform Traffic-Fans.Pro that’s as detailed as it is powerful.

Is Cheap Website Traffic Real?

Where Do You Get The Visitors From?

Yes, we work with real visitors only and this traffic package is no different. Visitors delivered within the cheap website traffic package come from a huge advertising networks and expired domains and are redirected to your website depending on your specifications. We work with multiple traffic providers and advertising networks. We also mix our networks’ visitors with expired domain traffic to bring you the best quality visitors at the lowest price possible.

Why Buy Cheap Website Traffic?

What's there for you

Driving traffic to a website is crucial for any business as it increases site exposure, improves offsite SEO, and boosts the chances of user engagement on your site. Cheap Website Traffic is the best choice if you want to drive large amounts of visitors due to its low cost.

Our Cheap Website Traffic allows you to precisely specify the visitors’ location and interests. We have an extremely large availability of this type of traffic from any place in the world. If the country you wish to receive visitors from is not listed – please enter it in the notes section.

Our customers often choose this traffic package to drive visitors to their Etsy shops, eBay, or Amazon offers. The Cheap Website Traffic is most commonly chosen by affiliate marketers to promote their CPA campaigns.

What Is Cheap Website Traffic Good For?

Based On The Feedback From Our Customers

Stats Boosting
SEO Improvement

Why Choose Traffic-Fans For Buying Cheap Website Traffic?

We Deliver The Results You Need

Real, Human Visitors Only

We deliver only the best, high-quality, extensively tested genuine website traffic. We do not work with bots, so if you are looking for bot traffic, this isn't something we have available.

Money Back Guarantee

If at any point you decide to cancel your order, we will stop the delivery and issue a pro-rata refund.

Excellent Customer Support

Prepare for the best customer support you've ever experienced. At Traffic-Fans you deal with professionals who make sure your requirements are met.

Discounts And Bonuses

As you probably noticed we love rewarding our loyal customers with constant discounts and bonuses and we also over deliver orders whenever possible so prepare for a nice surprise. Psst - use code TF10WELCOME at checkout to get 10% off your first Cheap Website Traffic order. Enjoy! 😉

Years Of Experience

We've been working with the largest traffic providers on the Planet for over 12 years and we can deliver any type of traffic you are looking for. Try us and see why we are the only webtraffic provider you will ever need.

Wide Variety Of Traffic

At you will find a wide variety of traffic including GEO and Niche Targeted Traffic, Organic Traffic, Adult Traffic, Active Visitors, Mobile Traffic, Traffic for Bloggers, Social Media Traffic, Referrer Traffic and the Cheapest Real Website Traffic on the Market.

Legal, Registered Business

We are a legal business registered in the European Union.

And More

Fast delivery, friendly and professional approach, insane daily traffic availability (2mil+ visitors), best prices in the industry, rewarding resellers program, 24/7/365 chat support, negotiable terms, secure payments, custom orders...

Cheap Website Traffic FAQ


If you would like to resell our traffic packages, simple get in touch with us and we will set everything up for you. You can read more about our reseller program HERE.

We work with multiple traffic providers and advertising networks. We also mix our networks' visitors with expired domain traffic to bring you the best quality visitors at the lowest price possible.
Our cheap traffic is delivered from multiple providers and we can adjust it to your needs. If you have specific goals in mind - let us know and we'll adapt your campaign to your needs.

Through the years of market research, we've tested most of the cheap traffic offers available. Thanks to our experience and great relations with many of the largest traffic providers in the world, we've managed to get the best deals for you. Plus, we've added some cool qualities/features to the offer that none of our competitors came up with before. That's how we can provide you with quality traffic at the lowest possible price.

Yes! Even though our cheap traffic is the cheapest real website traffic on the market, it is 100% real. We do not deal with bots, PTC or any other shady tactics.

If you are looking for website traffic with the best price/quality ratio, check out our Cheap Website Traffic and follow these steps:

  • From the volume section on the left, select the number of visitors you would like to receive
  • From the GEO drop-down menu select the country you wish to receive visitors from. If you wish to drive worldwide traffic to your website please select Worldwide - no GEO targeting.
  • From the Niche drop-down menu select the niche that best describes your audience. If you don't see a matching niche on the list please use the notes section to describe your requirements.
  • You can select the delivery speed (number of days your traffic campaign will be spread over) in the Delivery Speed drop-down menu.
  • Enter or paste the URL of your website in the URL field.
  • If you have any special requirements, please mention those in the notes section.
  • Once you complete the form, click the Add to cart button.
  • You will be taken to the Cart page where you can check the order details.
  • Click the Proceed to Checkout button.
  • Enter your billing details.
  • Select the preferred payment option.
  • Read and accept our terms and conditions.
  • Click Place the order or, if you wish to pay with PayPal or credit card, click Proceed to Paypal. Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with your credit card. To pay with a card, please select PayPal/Proceed to PayPal and click the Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card button on the next screen.
  • Once we receive the payment, we will start processing your order.

Yes, you can! If you need to test any of our traffic please drop us a line via a contact form. Please state the Traffic Package you would like to test out, otherwise we will send visitors best suitable for your websites nature.

Due to a large number of free trial requests, the response time may be extended but you will always receive a confirmation message once your trial is approved.

Only one trial per customer is available.

Each campaign gets its unique tracking link assigned automatically so you could easily check how many visitors were delivered. You can also see detailed stats of our traffic in your Google Analytics.

Please note that under certain circumstances Google Analytics may loose a % of the visitors due to the way we deliver some of our visitors. You may experience some loss when ordering Active Visitors or Mobile Traffic.

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